среда, 22 мая 2013 г.

House cleaning

I mean, how to clean a house from some evil. There in a house, in a flat may be some evil spirit. Somebody of the family members or another can  bring with herself a chat, a devil, etc.
 Beside that, the souls of the died people may be in the old houses. All of that can harm the livings and we have to go them off!
You may invite a priest or do it yourself. Use holy water, church candle, frankincense. From an entrance door go clockwise with burning candle. Lighter in a left hand. Cross all the walls and pray: Lord's prayer, Let God arise..., say: - All evil spirits get off! Glory to Father and Son and Saint Spirit!
Evil spirit will try to put out a candle, light it again and cross the place again. End at a door, open and say: Satan and all your forces, get off!
After that patiently splash the walls a holly water. Easy to use a spray bottle. Smoke a frankincense. All of that contains a part of Saint Spirit and will destroy an evil.
What to do with the souls of deads, I wrote earlier.

среда, 1 мая 2013 г.

Healer -5 (Necrotic connections)

After a death the souls have to go to the worlds, where them directed. But sometimes someone stays here because of the different reasons. To stay here they must eat/suck some energy from a live body, often they connect to the relatives. Sometimes - to the occured people (in Russian - лярва). They suck from a living an energy of life and send the energy/information of dearth. Human-donor deceases and dies soon.
What to do? 1. We have to see them off due to there relegion canons.
                     2. If anyone saw a dead soul, connected, he must say something like: Lord divided the livings and the deads. Living for alives, dead for deads. And he commanded the livings to pray for the deads.   Go to your directed place.  You, died soul disconnect from me. lace. I do ask an angel  from the Heaven go down and  send this soul to a place which he deserves.
  Certainly, at first we have to say the initial prayers, open every  prayer book, read and say.