воскресенье, 11 июля 2010 г.

Healer-2 ( reasons of the diseases)

IMHO, there are 4 main reasons: 1. Careless with physical body, 2. Own sins, 3. Ancestors sins, 4. Past lives' sins. Due to Lazarev (S.N.Lazarev, Diagnostics of Karma, book 7, p.146) reasons are: 1. bad ambiance, 2. bad habits, 3. wrong attitude to sex and meal. 4. wrong world-outlook and hence a nature. Saint John Kronshtadtsky wrote (disquisition "About the healing of soul and body"), that there may be another reasons. For instance, child' diseases may be send to appeal to the parents conscience. Saint John Lestvichnik said: " An Illness is sent sometimes for clarification the sins, and sometimes to restrain a pride.In every case a healer have to find a reason, eliminate it, then eliminate the consequences.

четверг, 13 мая 2010 г.

Beyond the grave (загробный мир)

Most of the people image it simply: paradise, purgatory, hell. I can compare it with a house: 5 floors - up, 0 floor, 5 floors - down. In the Bible: Jesus Christ said: In the house of my father there are many monasteries (Gospel of John, v.14:2).
Curiously, the ancient egiptians had a god, called Tot, essence with a body like human and a head of jackal. The same essences are in "-1 world". They saw them.
 There may be some variants. Saints do not need a reincarnation. Habitants of other upper worlds may reicarnate. From the hell - never. From other downworlds may go up, if somebody will pray for him. Till the Judgment

среда, 17 марта 2010 г.

The invisible world

  I would more say about a healer job, but will do it later.
  Now I want tell about the invisible essences, who live near us. Invisible world is occupied densely. Some essences are friendly, others - hostile. To count all of them too many. Now I write about the essencies of our world.
  Sometimes the angels descend to us. My friend photoed an angel at home.

You may see him  behind a curtain. Не is a cherub. I have to notice, there are 2 kinds of them. One - height near 2 m., slim. Another - height 160-170 cm with a broad chest.
  Friendly essences:
  The adult elvs(эльфы) are near 1 m height, their face is like the fox one. Young elvs have 2 wings. In the famous film about Harry Potter an elv is not quite right shown. They prefer to live near the people and often help them. They live in Europe, as I know.
  Another essence - housekeeper(домовой), whom ancient latins called genium. There are some kinds of them. Somebody prefer to live in a gardencabin, most of them lives in our houses. Height - 1m 20cm - 1m 50cm, face - like a human, but down jaw is more. Very clever and like to help the the people in the house. They need you to say them the good tender words and to regale a somewhat food. They take a somewhat energy from it. And have a clear discovered water in a house.
  Another essenses live usually far away, in the forests and other places.
  For example, dryads live in the forests, In Russian and Ukranian a dryad calls mavka. Similar a human, feed an energy of a wood, but can use other energies. А funny incident happened recently.A family of a friend went into a forest for a walk in a winter time. And 2 little kids-dryads went home with them. By Skype seen them, my wife asked: - Why you are here?
 - We froze. warm ourselves, let's go home.
2 days they were there, playing with their children, cat, houskeeper, then returned.
 Hostile essences:
 The such called halfspirits of the negative emotions. They feed an energy with the  frequencies of different negative emotions. They connect to the people who is experiencing anger, gloom and so on and encourage them.
 The such called  demons of air ordeal. They usually attack the souls of the dead, who fears to go the intended path and suck out an energy. They are with the wings, seems like a bird, often fly under the towns, the cemeteries. One of them photo we can see here:
It is not an angel, nor ET. it is a little species in America. In Europe they are twice more.

вторник, 2 марта 2010 г.

Янтарная комната

  Известная пропавшая янтарная комната находится в подвале одного из домов Калининграда (Кенигсберга). Зарыта в земле, точнее, находится в некоем каменном помещении под фундаментом. Местоположение её будет открыто соответствующим правительственным органам.
  Обращался в различные государственные и общественные организации, никто ответом не удостоил.

воскресенье, 28 февраля 2010 г.

Third eye - 2

Someone asked me, how it works? Explain in an example. A woman asked, why she lives with her husband bad? I closed the eyes and viewed our church interior, icons, tsar' gates. Answer is obvious - you must be crowned.

среда, 17 февраля 2010 г.


Once I wanted to see what is interesting in the Moon. Flew by my astral double. And I have seen, that the extraterrestrial main base is in the north-east side, somewhere in the mountains. Their ship is constantly in selena-stationar orbit above the visible side. Ship is like the typical "flying saucer", whirligig. In the top - square sliding gadget, 1-2 m. with the windows. Downside - 6 black round holes (nozzles?). That is just so.

понедельник, 15 февраля 2010 г.


It may be possible to see the probability lines in the forex charts by the third eye. But! All of that little relevancy bore. Probabilities change every second and often are similar the fundamental analysis results. Intraday charts may change occasionally. Someone can use it as one the other indicators. To think is necessary in all the case. At least, it may work with the help of the Heaven only.

суббота, 13 февраля 2010 г.

Star gates

Long time ago, at the 80-s one my friend Victor Pakhomov, who has the big opportunities to see a future, seen something like the famous Star Gates (cinema). Just so. Hence, at a time people will travel to the stars. It is possible.

Atlantis site

Asked at one time the Atlantis site (from the Heaven). Answer was: 32.8 grades Northen Latitude and 51.68 grades Western Longitude. Guess, it is their capital coordinates. The answer gone as written, it may be understood as 51.68 (decimal fraction) or 51 grades and 68 minutes. I do not know. Somewhere in Atlantic ocean. Nowadays all the depths are available. We will wait the messages from the scientists.

пятница, 12 февраля 2010 г.

Third eye-1

I guess, I have to explain something, so that everybody to understand. 3-d eye is a ferric epithis in a head-brain (atomic level) and a zoom-lens. There was a message, there is a somewhat glass-like substance in the back of forehead corn. In the head-backside - receiver. Information can enter through the chakra "adjna", as from the front, as from the back. It works in the delta-rhythm. Every human has it, but 3-d eye is often closed. When I close my eyes, I see by the 3-d eye. It may work like X-rays (clear-viewing). Someone can see the things at a far distance with the help of own astral double (far-viewing) through the chakra "sahasrara". And it may be possible to get an information from the Heaven.
Despite I'm an orthodoxal christian, can help everybody of any confession. Can make a diagnostics by photo. Send me a photo, permit a name and I'll tell you, have you the negative programs (spoiling, damn, celibacy corolla) or not,  and your health. Healer' job is very complex and different. Somebody may write me and I will reply help , if I can. My contact is lu-vit@ya.ru. And, please, don't disturb me with the requests, like "Find my cat".

Healer -1

Healer is a human, who helps the peoples to get a health and to decide there problems. Naturally, he/she works with the help from the Heaven. Some magic people often guises as the healers, beg do not mix up. Intend to tell some useful things for everybody.
We may help the people, only if a level in there sin's vessel is less than 50%. If more - work with yourself.