пятница, 12 февраля 2010 г.

Third eye-1

I guess, I have to explain something, so that everybody to understand. 3-d eye is a ferric epithis in a head-brain (atomic level) and a zoom-lens. There was a message, there is a somewhat glass-like substance in the back of forehead corn. In the head-backside - receiver. Information can enter through the chakra "adjna", as from the front, as from the back. It works in the delta-rhythm. Every human has it, but 3-d eye is often closed. When I close my eyes, I see by the 3-d eye. It may work like X-rays (clear-viewing). Someone can see the things at a far distance with the help of own astral double (far-viewing) through the chakra "sahasrara". And it may be possible to get an information from the Heaven.

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