среда, 17 марта 2010 г.

The invisible world

  I would more say about a healer job, but will do it later.
  Now I want tell about the invisible essences, who live near us. Invisible world is occupied densely. Some essences are friendly, others - hostile. To count all of them too many. Now I write about the essencies of our world.
  Sometimes the angels descend to us. My friend photoed an angel at home.

You may see him  behind a curtain. Не is a cherub. I have to notice, there are 2 kinds of them. One - height near 2 m., slim. Another - height 160-170 cm with a broad chest.
  Friendly essences:
  The adult elvs(эльфы) are near 1 m height, their face is like the fox one. Young elvs have 2 wings. In the famous film about Harry Potter an elv is not quite right shown. They prefer to live near the people and often help them. They live in Europe, as I know.
  Another essence - housekeeper(домовой), whom ancient latins called genium. There are some kinds of them. Somebody prefer to live in a gardencabin, most of them lives in our houses. Height - 1m 20cm - 1m 50cm, face - like a human, but down jaw is more. Very clever and like to help the the people in the house. They need you to say them the good tender words and to regale a somewhat food. They take a somewhat energy from it. And have a clear discovered water in a house.
  Another essenses live usually far away, in the forests and other places.
  For example, dryads live in the forests, In Russian and Ukranian a dryad calls mavka. Similar a human, feed an energy of a wood, but can use other energies. А funny incident happened recently.A family of a friend went into a forest for a walk in a winter time. And 2 little kids-dryads went home with them. By Skype seen them, my wife asked: - Why you are here?
 - We froze. warm ourselves, let's go home.
2 days they were there, playing with their children, cat, houskeeper, then returned.
 Hostile essences:
 The such called halfspirits of the negative emotions. They feed an energy with the  frequencies of different negative emotions. They connect to the people who is experiencing anger, gloom and so on and encourage them.
 The such called  demons of air ordeal. They usually attack the souls of the dead, who fears to go the intended path and suck out an energy. They are with the wings, seems like a bird, often fly under the towns, the cemeteries. One of them photo we can see here:
It is not an angel, nor ET. it is a little species in America. In Europe they are twice more.

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  1. Эти Сущности Информативны и Бесплотны - Говорить о какой то форме ИХ - не стоит.
    Как мозг контактанта расшифрует эту информацию - Так Он эту Сущность и "Увидит"
    Так же и о слуховом Восприятии информации - Что Скажут - То и услышит

  2. Что значит бесплотны? - Состоят из более тонкой материи, потому не все видят. Форма есть у каждого живого сущкства.

    1. Vit, как с вами связаться? Есть мейл?