воскресенье, 11 июля 2010 г.

Healer-2 ( reasons of the diseases)

IMHO, there are 4 main reasons: 1. Careless with physical body, 2. Own sins, 3. Ancestors sins, 4. Past lives' sins. Due to Lazarev (S.N.Lazarev, Diagnostics of Karma, book 7, p.146) reasons are: 1. bad ambiance, 2. bad habits, 3. wrong attitude to sex and meal. 4. wrong world-outlook and hence a nature. Saint John Kronshtadtsky wrote (disquisition "About the healing of soul and body"), that there may be another reasons. For instance, child' diseases may be send to appeal to the parents conscience. Saint John Lestvichnik said: " An Illness is sent sometimes for clarification the sins, and sometimes to restrain a pride.In every case a healer have to find a reason, eliminate it, then eliminate the consequences.

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  1. How to pray to forgive our ancestors' sins?

    1. You may read akathist for a died man (only 1). You may open every prayer book and find the prayers for our beloved. In the morning prayes there are the prayers for alives and deads.