вторник, 30 апреля 2013 г.

Anti magic

What to do, if you guess, you have been exposed witching or some clearvoyant said so?
1, Clear your soul from the sins. Recollect your sins, go to confession. Generally, a soul clean by
fasting and prayer, good deeds for the sake of Christ, positive personality traits , asking to forgive the sins of ancestors.
2. Ask a help from Above. You may pray "Canon for the achings", for instance. You may say: I do not need in an alien, but I will not give my stuff. nor health, nor happiness, nor life. Your evil, witchcraft, damns, you evil people, take aback! All the will of God, but not your! (Мне чужого не надо, но и своего не отдам. Ни жизни, ни счастья, ни здоровья. Ваше зло, колдовство, чародейство, проклятия, злые люди, я возвращаю вам! На всё воля Божья, но не ваша!).
3. Fire a candle from a church and hold it near a place of body, which you guess, was subjected to the witching influence. Say: Lord, have mercy (Kirie, eleison, Господи, помилуй) at least. And other suitable prayings.
4 Use a holy water, drink and wash up.
5. Every day shower 5 min.
6. Pray for those who hate  and offend.
Very simply you may define, is there a magic or not. Photo yourself by your mobile phone and look. If there are some violations, some filaments, other constructions in your aura, you will see - it's a magic.

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