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On  a request to Above gona an answer: The kwarks is only a concept. Phisically 1 kwark can not exist.
I do see it so. There is a plus time, zero time and minus time. An electron is a partiсle of t+, positron - of t-. When they meet - annihilate to gamma-quantum. Wave-particle of zero-time. 
A parameter "strange" of elementary particles is only a time. Due to Lorenz boost

a particle with t+ will have a + coordinate from a start point and a pare particle with t- will have a minus coordinate.
 Further. A picture of a world structure seems me so:
From a some cell-gate of a space goes out a content of a matter with t+ and return a content with t-. Middle line - t-. Content consist of the bricks - action quantums (energy x time or impulse x coordinate). Well known relation of indefinites ɛ=hν goes out this imagination.

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