понедельник, 16 ноября 2015 г.

How much kinds of psychics are?

  Somebody asked me, how much kinds of psychics are?
  At first, who are the psychics? If somebody can read the letters by fingers, is he a psychic? May be.
If somebody has a sensitive scent? Or can sense a magnetic field? May be. Or, somebody can telepathy? Hipnotize? Fly in an astral body? Has an access to a world data base? Sure. So a definition is: Psychic is a human, who has more, than 5 senses or more developed ordinary senses.
  At second, how much? A human has near 40 channels of connection with the God (Cosmos, Universum). A half of them does not work in an ordinary humans. If to count the the number of possible combinations, we will get 20!(factorial)=2432902008176640000. Plus more developed ordinary senses. Very many! Can't imagine!

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