среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.

Healer - 7 (Cancer)

You know or have a hunch, that not for nothing somebody (not only me is so clever) calls a cancer as a cancer, stenocardy, as a toad heart, tachicardy - a snake around the aorta, etc. The matter is a real cancer or toad  formes and settles in a body (virtual, astral imagination, made from a thin matter). We grow it ourselves by our negative emotions, wrong outlook.
Who has a real opened third eye, can see the different kinds of a cancer. Some are like the cancers, some like the scorpions, etc. It means the different negative emotions.
  Wanna be healthy - change an outlook, less the negative emotions, increase the positive emotions. Controll your emotions! A real healer can take off it. Under the definite  circumstances.
  Some other bad circumstances may сause it, radiation, smoking, wrong nutrition, etc - then go to the doctors,

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